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New dimensions

The Eindhoven library celebrated its 100th birthday in 2016. In line with their vision on our future society, we rolled out a project called ‘Eindhoven 2116’. Launched mid-January of the anniversary year, the project invited library visitors to share their ideas on how Eindhoven will have evolved by the year 2116. To build the story of the future together. Out of all submitted ideas, 100 stories were chosen and printed as 3D objects to be placed in a special cabinet on show at the library.

Envisioning the future

How will we move from A to B 100 years from now? Will we still need to work? Or eat? And if so, what would we eat and which jobs would we do? What will out environment look like? Will it be natural, artificial? Or is our city located on the moon? These are the types of questions visitors were challenged to elaborate on through their visions. Everyone could write down their ideas on paper and upload them into a database at the library.

Do it yourself

Besides the 3D translations of the visitors’ ideas that were uploaded at the library, we proposed to organize workshops where people could visualize their stories with solid, voluminous materials. The selected topics were ‘future transportation’ and ‘food’. The result is a nice complementary set of rough 3D printed objects, modelled after the visitors’ DIY creations.