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This is a series of visual poetry on the theme fragility. The posters consisted of blotter paper that were silkscreen printed with a specially designed typeface.

We wanted to create the most fragile image we could think of. One can light the poster with a glowing fuse and it starts burning and glowing really slow. In the end all that is left is an image in ashes. This way the poster becomes a kind of micro event in itself.

It was really hard to get the blotter paper in this size because mostly the paper is pre-cut on thin roles. We had to fly it in from the factory. Luckily kind people from the manufacturer helped us; otherwise we could not have done this. The hardest part was the screen-printing. Because the material is really thin once you print it, it tears really fast and sticks to the screen.

You really have to see a poster burn live. It’s like magic. It’s a pity that it is not possible to preserve the ash image but hey, that makes it even more special.