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CHV Noordkade

CHV Noordkade is a hidden gem of industrial heritage located in the heart of Veghel. The area is completely being redeveloped for cultural and culinary purposes. It will become a center for a range of activities like workshops, festivals, music school, arts and crafts, a cinema and hospitality concepts. CHV Noordkade needs a very flexible identity aimed towards the future of the area and able to represent all parties involved.

The place with its historically embedded workers’ mentality is a very inspiring place to visit. It’s easy to get lost in the countless anecdotes surrounding the place. Together with the people from CHV Noordkade Edhv formulated the ambition level for the years to come. This offered a strong foundation to develop the new visual identity. We focused on a language that could meld together many different identities into a recognizable style without compromising its individual qualities. The identity should be flexible enough to fit to the whole spectrum of activities taking place there.