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In the mix

Maastricht Lab, or in short M-lab, is a research lab initiated by the city of Maastricht and aims to involve citizens, young architects and designers to come up with ideas for redevelopment locations.

Edhv developed an identity that is as flexible and unpredictable as the results that come out of a lab. The Maastricht Lab identity is a dynamic identity built up out of urban planning fragments. Mixing these layers gives it a rough edge and the feeling of a city in transition.

City in progress

For event communication purposes these are posters and handouts. The seminar addressed changing dynamics in urban development in Maastricht. Architects and designers have been involved in several experiments on redevelopment areas throughout the city. All city experiments come together in an overview about the results.

City makers

The platform for Maastricht Lab started out as a basic structure and has grown more and more into a city makers community.


For the TEDx Maastricht Salon event on the topic of urban developments Edhv provided the visual support like this programme and other items.