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Eindhoven Pavilion

The central station in Eindhoven will be completely renovated, which will take several years. During this period the square in front of the station needs to be revised. Edhv was asked to come up with a concept for a temporary building that can house several small shops, a coffee bar and the tourist information point for five years or more. The inspiration for this project was the Flashville concept we did a while ago.

We created a multifunctional pavilion. Combining a bridge, promenade, led-wall, tribune, and layers of boutique-like shops all placed on top of a glass cube which houses the tourist information desk. The walls of the units are equipped with led technology so the whole building could emit light and actually change its appearance or act as a screen to broadcast visuals. 

For this concept we worked together with De Bever Architecten. It was a nice combination of a conceptual and technical approach resulting into a feasible structure.