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Wonen Limburg tour

Wonen Limburg asked Edhv to develop an introduction campaign for their new identity. We were looking for something  different than just a poster or advertising campaign. We wanted to find a way to really show that the cooperation really made some structural mentality changes. Something open-structured and inviting.

After a thorough research we came up with a plan to do a tour along all the towns and neighborhoods that they represent. We came up with a plan to build a kind of mobile house that could function as a conversation piece and would attract the attention of the locals.  

After we presented the concept we worked together with a team for the technical realization. An aluminum frame was welded on top of a trailer. The house is built in two parts that are easily to extend on location. 

The tour has been very successful. They did the tour multiple times. People reacted very positive on the concept. Many dropped by for a coffee and a chat about living in their neighborhood. It turned out to be a great example of social interaction.