Edhv Eindhoven

A poster generating installation

A poster generating installation. Every one of them is unique. Some posters are made by woodlice, some of them by house crickets. Edhv hacked hardware and wrote code to map the movement of these little creatures. The complexity of movement leads to stunning results.


Big apple bugs

These are some of the posters created by our New York Bugs during the Bits n Pieces exhibition in New York. The example below was done on the map of New York.

Designed by performance

For the sub exhibition Design By Performance by Z33 in Hasselt (B) we created a flyer and logo based on our Debug concept.


Debug for Linking Parts exhibition

In Grand Hornu (B) we once again let our bugs out to do our work for us. A special limited edition based on the title of the exhibition and the map of this beautiful historic site was the result of the opening event. Next to Debug 2D our Debug 3D project was also featured in the show.

Ants in my pants

These chairs are drawn by ants. The chair is actually build up from tracking the movement of ants walking on a scale model.

As a follow-up to our Debug 2D project Edhv ventured into the world of three dimensions. Edhv presents a series of chairs made by ants at the Dutch Invertuals exhibition in Milan during Salone Del Mobile.


Edhv was invited to show debug at the Graphic Design Festival Breda, at the Bits n Pieces exhibition in New York, Design By Performance by Z33 Hasselt, Grafik 14 in Zürich, Salone Del Mobile in Milan and the Saint Etienne Design Biennial.

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