Edhv Eindhoven

An investigation into the way we deal with the digital world, uncovering a collective denial in our culture of its true nature

We delve deep into the earth’s crust to hunt for elements that enable our modern technologies. Our digital world that we commonly refer to as “cyberspace” or “the cloud” almost lets us believe it’s all made out of thin air. But the truth is hidden in anonymous buildings with endless rows of power-consuming devices mounted in water-cooled racks.

The staggering pace at which technology develops, leaves behind a slipstream of redundant greatness awaiting the shredder to be broken down into elements again. The phrase coined lately “Data is the new gold” is in that sense more controversial than we think. These tables are tangible relics in our quest for data.

“Everything around us is build out of 118 elements constantly reorganized by the principle of equation. And we are in it.”

Servers are all created to be mounted in standard racks and for this reason have standardised dimensions. We used this feature the turn redundant servers into side table tops. After their service the become ‘just a daily’ object as a relic of our time. Turning ‘the cloud’ into hardware to remind us of its true nature.


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Edhv, Architects
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