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Culture in numbers

Last month we worked hard on a publication about the ‘value of culture’ based on a thorough research that took place over the past five years. Our job was to make sense of it all in a well crafted document. Biggest challenge was to create readable infographics that are still enjoyable too. Next to that we wanted to create something that underlines the topic of value by carefully selection paperweight, binding and an optimal use of color.

Added value

All in all this project turns out to be a great example of working together with researchers and being able to add some texture to the cold numbers.

Researchers involved: Bo Broers (het PON), Rogier Brom (Boekmanstichting), Britte van Dalen (het PON), Jenneke Harings (Kunstloc Brabant), Ruben Smeets (Telos) en Henk Vinken (Pyrrhula Research Consultants).