City on the move

Designhuis Eindhoven

An exhibition on mobility in a company town

After a successful first edition of a pop-up exhibition for Eindhoven Museum, a second edition followed. A coalition was formed with DAF Museum, Philips Museum, RHCe and Eindhoven Museum to join forces and tell the story of mobility in a fast-growing city.



One of the instigators for this exhibition was the fully restored VIPRE bus by the DAF Museum. This modified truck was used as a means of transport to move workers from the surrounding towns to the fast-growing Philips factories.


A city in motion

The previous exhibition ‘Haar Stad’ was designed to be reusable, in order to be cost efficient and not to create waste. The modular exhibition furniture allowed us to easily adjust the content and placement.

This exhibition consisted of 5 rooms in the Design Huis. In each room we’ve created several Isles, each of which deals with a specific chapter in the historical development of Eindhoven’s infrastructure. Starting with the VIPRE bus and ending with Drone technology, which is currently being developed at TU/e.

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