Ode to Gerard

Philips Museum Eindhoven

Concept and exhibition design for Philips Museum

An exhibition that offers insight into the thoughts and activities by the founding father of Philips.

In honour of Philips’ 130th anniversary, the company donated an artwork of Gerard to Eindhoven as a tribute to innovation and humanity. The 7-metre-high artwork stands in the Gloeilampplantsoen at Strijp-T. Philips Museum celebrated also its 10-year anniversary. Philips Museum invited Edhv to create a storytelling exhibition about the founding father of the Philips company: Gerard.

Gerard was a man behind the scenes. The challenge was to tell a story not knowing much about him as a person. The exhibition is set up to portray the different sides of Gerard. In the storyline we wanted to emphasise that he was a people person. Visualised with photos from his career and the ‘Take a selfie with Gerard’ mirror. To get into the atmosphere and spirit we searched for furniture from that era and upcycled it to bring it back in the expo design.

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