The sound of a city

Eindhoven 365 Eindhoven

A project in search of the sound of Eindhoven

For the last five years Eindhoven has been running a campaign ‘Share the Vibe’ which aims to translate its energy into an inspiring visual impuls. As a result of this we wanted to extend into the sonic dimension of a city. Calling musicians and producers to compose soundtracks that reflect the identity of this city.

City Anthem

During a visit years ago to New York, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys had a huge hit with the song ‘Empire state of mind’. This song was literally blasting from every speaker from every window and car in the streets of the city. Creating a sense of unification all across the city. If New York sounds like that, how does Eindhoven sound? This is what ‘The Sound Of Eindhoven’ is all about.

The sound dimension

The Sound Of Eindhoven is an open invitation to all musicians and producers from Eindhoven to give their take on it. With no restrictions. All soundtracks that are being submitted will be carefully judged by a professional jury and a peoples vote. the Soundtracks that are selected in the end will be published and even pressed on vinyl. Adding a next dimension to the city’s identity.

Video by Blickfänger

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