The Vincent Affair

Nune Ville Nuenen

An exhibition in the spirit of Vincent van Gogh

On April 1st, 2015 the doors to Nune Ville were opened. This was the house where Margot Begemann lived, Vincent’s greatest love. The house was temporarily dedicated to The Vincent Affair. Contemporary artists, designers, and original thinkers disclosed their passionate affair with the wayward thinker Van Gogh. A contemporary Van Gogh experience, set in a home that harbors an intense love story.

Mental spaces

The Vincent Affair focuses on confrontation. A gem cannot be polished without friction. Curator Wendy Plomp from Edhv has selected seven free spirits to transform the spaces inside the home into Van Gogh’s mental spaces. Wander from room to room and be inspired by the color samples collected from the Nuenen soil by Atelier NL. Come face to face with true love through the eyes of Mike Roelofs and find the double layers in the world around you through the work of Erwin Thomasse. Feel the physical labor that went into the installation made by We Make Carpets, and see how Raw Color finds out if controlled randomness can lead to new shades of color. Lucas Maassen and Margriet Craens have studied the physical possibilities of everyday objects and Jólan van der Wiel is offering you an opportunity to wander through your own limitless imagination.



The creative makers have transformed the heritage building and its rooms into a provocative location. A space for (self)study, inspiration, and experience. A place that offers a daringly different perspective on the world. During Van Gogh’s stay in Nuenen from 1883 to 1885, Margot Begemann lived at Nune Ville. She came under the spell of Vincent and his unique view of the world. Her conservative sisters did not approve, which meant that their relationship came to a tragic end. But his multifaceted mind has become the starting point for the Vincents of today. Unhindered by convention they enrich our world with their work, evoking wonder and asking questions. The historical home forms the backdrop for a ramble through past and present.


A troublemaker, a perfectionist, a romantic, a late bloomer, and a restless traveler. Van Gogh was all of these. A man of contradictions. The Vincent Affair not only challenges the makers to connect with the painter but visitors too.

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