Track Master

Bureau Spoor- bouwmeester The Netherlands

A triptych on architectural quality at the Dutch railroads

Spoorbouwmeester Bert Dirkx invited us to design a series of three annual publications on the agency’s activities.

From concept to reality

Bureau Spoorbouwmeester is an intermediate agency between Nederlandse Spoorwegen and Pro-Rail. They are responsible to establish a coherent architectural quality in the Dutch railway system and are supervised by a ‘Spoorbouwmeester.’

The three publications are conform the corporate identity of Bureau Spoorbouwmeester. The visual concept was set around three dimensional fragments derived from the actual logo. In the first edition they are three dimensional graphics. the second edition they are rendered in materials like metal, stone, glass, etc. in the third edition the objects are the actual materials. Going from concept to reality.


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We’ve got a winner!

Concept and design Cultuur Eindhoven Award

Edhv, Architects
of Identity