04 Aug 2023

Currently Dutch Invertuals is running a cooperation with Schloss Hollenegg for Design by the name ‘Woodland’. It started out as an open call for designers to apply for a design residency to explore the relation between local woodworking crafts and design.

Seven designers were selected for an extensive program of lectures and workshops. All this took place in the mesmerising context of a castle dating back to the 12th century, Schloss Hollenegg in the south of Austria only a few clicks away from the Slovenian border. Ultimately the results will be on show in Schloss Hollenegg in 2024.

Among others Edhv was invited to do a lecture and give feedback on the emerging projects and collaborations. Also a great opportunity to explore the surroundings and visit the city Graz which is pretty close.




Alice Stori Liechtenstein, Founder of Schloss Hollenegg for Design, Wendy Plomp, Founder and design director of Dutch Invertuals


Guillaume Slizewicz, Zoe Jo Rae, Alison Malouf, Dana Savic, Luca Gruber, Marte Mei van Haaster, Jakob Niemann


Dr. Silvio Schüler, Christian + Jade, Reon Brand, Ori Orisun Merhav, Studio Mieke Meijer, Remco van de Craats (Edhv, Architects of Identity)

Supported by:

Creative Industries Fund NL, Holzcluster Steiermark

Edhv, Architects
of Identity