07 Apr 2014

We had the honour to receive a group of international guests at our Edhv studio. The group consisted of six selected artists, social designers and engineers from Guatemala, Kenia, Indonesia and Nicaragua. In their daily practice, all of them strongly focus on experiment, research and social innovation. They will return to Eindhoven for a residency in September and October.

And just to give them a heads up, here is an impression of what they do:

Mr. Andreas Siagian, based in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), is a cross disciplinary artist with an engineering background focussing on creative community, DIY/DIWO (Do It Yourself/Do It With Others) culture and interdisciplinary collaboration in art, science and technology. Andreas is a member of lifepatch, an independent community-base organization working in creative and appropriate application in the fields of art, science and technology. ,

Mr. Seterhen Akbar Suriadinata (Saska), based in Bandung (Indonesia), is an electrical engineer graduate, who set up several independent community based research groups like Riset Indie, an independent community based research group and Labtek Indie, a start-up company focusing in interactive designs & products. Labtek Indie is catering designers and engineers to work together to produce innovation. ,

Ms. Sandra Suubi Nakitto is an artists based in Kampala (Uganda) and graduated from the school of industrial and fine arts at Makerere University. As an artist, Sandra focuses on eco art, in particular the creative and sustainable reuse of plastic waste. Currently she is working as a product designer at Afripads, a company which is doing research in reusable sanitary towels.–Turning-plastic-trash-into-creative-art/-/691232/2200532/-/5r41idz/-/index.html

Mr. Roy Mwangi Ombatti, is based in Nairobi (Kenia) and has a background in mechanical engineering. Roy is connected to the Creatives Garage, a platform for artists. He is also passionate about using technology to effect sustainable change with impact. Roy recently developed specially designed 3D printed shoes produced from recycled plastic to be worn by individuals suffering from foot deformities due to the growing problem of jigger fly infestation – in order to prevent further deterioration.

Mr. David Fernando Marín Roma, is an artists based in Guatemala City (Guatemala) who has a PhD from the BioMaPs (Biology, Maths and Physics) institute at Rutger University in the USA. David makes kinetic sculptures to play random music, or computer programmes to recreate randomly soundscapes. Recently David has been working on a project based on an ancient Mayan oracle. In his researches he has a look at the role of randomness in the mind and cultures.

Mr. José Montealegre, is an artist based in Managua (Nicaragua) and member of the initiative Veinti3, a group of artists who work with a focus on interactivity and social issues. Veinti3 often focusses on projects that look at history and histories, mainly of people who have been affected in their daily life by global developments and who have little opportunities to express themselves due to political and commercial reasons. www.veinti3.com

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