Dutch Invertuals

29 Oct 2009

On Friday evening at Edhv, before the official opening on saturday, we had a business preview. Up until moments before the dinner party, the Dutch Invertuals were putting the finishing touches on the exhibit. Every participant of the exhibition invited two guests for the dinner. The concept by House Of Origin was based on a colour scheme. If you were fed up with red you could move on to green and so on. It was a great experience. Also Lead Magazine has officially launched! And the same time this was the kick off for the Dutch Invertuals exhibition during the Dutch Design Week. We were honoured to present the first issue to Mary Fiers on behalf of municipality Eindhoven.

Here are some nice impressions of the Dutch Invertuals Exhibition at our studio during the Dutch Design Week and pictures of the Dutch Invertuals party that took place on Friday night during the Dutch Design Week. To those who were there, thanks for coming we had a mighty good time. To those he were not there, too bad you had to miss it. Maybe next time though.

Edhv, Architects
of Identity