Getthebuzz DDW14

01 May 2015

Launching Getthebuzz

Since 2013 we have been working on a digital publishing concept. Together with the Province of Brabant we launched the first Pilot of During DDW 2014. This concept was developed for enhancing the live experience and embedding of an event in its local context by channeling social media as well as self generated content in one overview. It functions like a subjective real-time digital newspaper and shows everything that is happening during the event through the eyes of the visitors and reporters.

The making off …

A few days before the start of the event you can follow the activities like the building up or promotional activities.

Multi angled view

During the opening it was possible to see the same moment from different points of view and with a diversity of commentary.

Way finding

The map view shows where the different venues are during the festival and it provides a route how to get there if you like.

Whats the buzz

Getthebuzz gives a sense of what is buzzing. What places to see. where to eat. Where to party and so on. You don’t have to miss out on anything.


One can spot interesting trends during the festival like the ‘selfie’ or the wristbands. Even weather conditions are being documented.


Apart from social media generated content there is also unique content provided by on the spot reporters. They do interviews, reports, photography and so on. the ‘living map’ for instance. A map that is drawn by the festival visitors that tells people where to go based on reliable advice.

Data visualisation

Overview of popular tags make the buzz visual. What areas are most trending.

Who are the visitors?

Who are the visitor and how do they look. Street fashion reportages and short interviews with international visitors gives a good view of who is actually visiting the event. And instagram reporters give nice selections on what’s hot or not.

Offline promotion

The platform is promoted during the event by placing signs or stickers on the venues that get good reviews and create the actual buzz.

At home

And off course one can view it not only during the event but also at home. This is very helpful for people who didn’t get the chance to visit. They don’t have to miss out on anything.

We are working on it.

And just for fun we also tried it during Glow and the PSV championship. It works just perfectly. The second pilot took place during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. There will be a post on this soon.

Soon Getthebuzz will be present at more events, so keep a look out for it!


Edhv, Architects
of Identity