Milan #1

24 Apr 2015

Buzz on tour

Edhv has sent a delegation to Milan to represent and promote Getthebuzz, the media platform we have piloted during the Dutch Design Week. The Milan edition is a cooperation with Dutch Invertuals and also an extensive field test during this international big scale event Salone Del Mobile.

Mobile office

And of course the show must go on so we set up a mobile office to keep the projects going. Except for wifi networks, that sadly are not as widely distributed yet as we would like, everything just worked out fine. We keep improving our mobile workflow because it’s great to be on the road and we need to do it more often.

Promo tour

During the whole Salone we popped up in places that were getting good reviews. Gaining some physical attention for our platform. Besides that it is allot of fun and a good way to make conversation.

Edhv, Architects
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