Milan #3

24 Apr 2015

Dutch Invertuals presents:

Body Language

Within the context of the future way of life the designers explore the esthetics and complexities of an increasingly virtual world. Technology is becoming invisible. The intactile world is gaining ground in the understanding of who we are. While physical objects lose function, forms are freed, orphaned and adopted. What is left are merely bodies reflecting our identities.

All this requires a renegotiation of the space around us and it’s effects on being human. Generations to come will refer to the past as primitive.This exhibition is an exploration that reflects, moves, shines and glows. Crafting materials with character rather than function. Flirting with new esthetics and usabilities. At the same time they cultivate the presence of a new kind of language: BODY LANGUAGE.Participating designers are: Aliki van der KruijsAlissa + NienkeArnout MeijerDaphna LaurensDienke DekkerEdhvGermans ErmičsJetske Visser & Michiel MartensNina van BartNomanPhilipp WeberThomas Vailly & Laura Lynn JansenTijmen Smeulders and Victoria Ledig. Dutch Invertuals is founded and curated by Wendy Plomp.make sure you hit the ‘more’ button on this one.

Edhv, Architects
of Identity