Share the vibe #5

25 Mar 2016

Share the vibe #05 by Johan Moorman

Eindhoven invites their most celebrated visual artists to create a series of short clips in order to establish a clip culture that expresses the energetic power of this city.

Johan Moorman presents: Eindhoven

“How I was raised, made me into who I am today. I have been living here for 37 minus 4 years, because right after I graduated the Academy in Rotterdam, I went straight back to Eindhoven. I love its pleasant atmosphere, its clearness. Interact in a positive way and to not begrudged. I started working in the underground; meeting each other, organising things together. In other cities, people tend to work individually and it’s hard to break that routine. Here, it’s easy to get in contact with each other.

“Eindhoven, that’s me. It’s all of us. It’s within us.”

“I am perfectly comfortable with where I am today. Everything is around the corner, you are as quickly at a D.I.Y. shop as at the Airport. You simply leave your car at your doorstep or hop on a bike. We don’t do bullshit here. Just hard work and be critical of your own work. Deliver quality products. Don’t start acting cool because you made something great once.”

“It can all go downhill in Eindhoven if people start leaving. When they try to control things and setting out rules. When they destroy the bottom-up structure. Everything here gets its charm by the people themselves.”

Edhv, Architects
of Identity