Share the vibe #8

26 Nov 2016

Share the Vibe #8 by OddOne

Eindhoven invites their most celebrated visual artists to create a series of short clips in order to establish a clip culture that expresses the energetic power of this city.

OddOne presents: Eindhoven

My father is from Eindhoven but moved to South Africa, where I was born. We often came back here for holidays, and I have fantastic memories of those times. By the time I was 18, I longed to experience life in the Netherlands more permanently. So I became a student in Arnhem, but lived in Eindhoven. I met Kerry in the Stadhuisplein while we were both skateboarding and BMX riding. We became really close friends. Sometime later he went to Australia to finish his studies. When he returned a year later we hooked up again and started doing all kinds of different projects. That’s how OddOne came into being.

Personally, I’d like to see a lot more events in Eindhoven with the same depth as DDW and STRP. A combination of the process, exhibitions, exchange of knowledge and great performances. A complete picture. We’d also really like to do more to help start-ups whose focus is on technology and development. That bizarre world around ASML. In my view, there’s so much that could be gained from connecting up the crazy techno geeks and nerds with the artists and designers. But that connection is still missing.

It’s really important not to think from the perspective of money, but of people. I truly believe in Eindhoven and the steps that are being made. But sometimes I fear that it will all tip too far over into the commercial world. It’s precisely that progressive thinking that gives Eindhoven its amazing strength, so let’s make sure that’s still the case in 50 years’ time.

“You can feel the buzz in this city growing all the time. But this is only just the beginning.”

Mostly I begin with the conceptual design and artwork, the preproduction. Then I translate this into style frames. Kerry sets to work on the construction, and transforming the work into 3D. We constantly bounce thoughts and ideas back and forth between us: we learn from one another the whole time.

The logo is the basis of the city. A computer chip full of possibilities. If you zoom in on it, you’ll see a landscape full of macro and micro elements, which together create the energy which flows through the city. That 80’s vibe came about in a natural way. The nostalgic side of Eindhoven, which is the basis for the technological future. A kind of Blade Runner feeling.
It’s difficult to say when something is finished. My feeling is that the shot of the bowling pins is just the start of much more to come. I’d really love to develop it into something far bigger.


Edhv, Architects
of Identity