20 Jan 2022

This past year, Edhv asked Dutch Invertuals to design unique desks for the shared space in our Eindhoven-based studio.

Together we have designed desks that represent the mentality and identity of the studio. The tables reflect the dynamic nature of our multifunctional space, where everything is flexible and never permanently fixed, used for research, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and more.

The design is based on simplicity, geometry and modularity, a linear construction that can be dissembled, moved, and placed together to create several working areas.

The desk combines a simple metal frame construction with removable, wooden panels, to make it a flexible workspace. Computer cables disappear in a smart cable gutter and are tidily guided alongside the tables’ legs with a removable metal clip. The top panels are detachable and interchangeable, available in different colours, just like the semi-transparent side panels

Concept and design: Dutch Invertuals & Edhv in collaboration with Max Lipsey

Manufacturing & sales Europe: Dutch Invertuals

Photography: Raw Color

For inquiries please contact Dutch Invertuals

Edhv, Architects
of Identity