You must learn

21 Mar 2008

After a presentation about Edhv at the “Willem de Koning” Academy by Remco van de Craats, the student were given some old school homework. The assignment was to make a poster of the title from a given Hip hop track from the late eighties. There were some restrictions. It was not allowed to use an existing typeface. If an image was to be used it had to be self made. The mission was to save the hip hop culture from it’s clichés.

Here are some of the result of the lecture at the Willem De Koning Academy in Rotterdam. The results were surprisingly diverse. From very typographic (like this one by Aernout Tas – Special Ed -I Got It Made ) to very poetic. Sorry about the bad quality of some pictures (to the students, please send better pictures). After evaluating the results we watched the original videos of the songs and some other facts that surfaced during their little research about the artists

Aernout Tas – Special Ed -I Got It Made

* Inge Zoetelief – My Philosophy – Krs One

* Micha Debie – The Bridge – Mc Shan

* Kim – I Ain’t No Joke – Eric B & Rakim

* Koertjan – Paperthin – Mc Lyte

* Inge Zonneveld – You Played Yourself – Ice-T

Edhv, Architects
of Identity