Digital Geology

Edhv Eindhoven

A research into the future of collecting and preserving digital matter

Objects For A New Kind Of Society is the latest show by Dutch Invertuals at Edhv studio for DDW21. It’s a collab with The Future Laboratory London that did a research about future cities; ‘Equilibrium City’. We set out like digital geologists and presented our finds.

'Will today's digital matter hold clues for a future kind of society like real-world geology?'

As we venture into the future, the parallel worlds we have created are usually forgotten and left behind. But these virtual worlds often mirror modern society in all its twisted ways. How will we deal with these legacies in the future? Is digital matter collectible? Should we preserve this legacy?

Like digital geologists we dived into virtual worlds to collect stones. Preserving them for future generations.

We always like to explore the relation between to digital and physical world to get a better understanding of ‘digital nature’. Is a digital object really an object? Does it hold any value ones taken out of context? Like real world objects digital objects also have an existence. That existence is mainly data running on servers running on electricity generated to some extent by burning fossil fuel. Digital objects are data in disguise.

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