Edhv Eindhoven

A project on recycling antiques

In times where we become more aware of the scarcity of natural resources we also have to start looking in the less likely places to mine them.

For the 10 year anniversary exhibition by Dutch Invertuals ‘The Circle’. Designers were challenged to design what is already perfect: the circle.

Inspired by our previous project on natural resources we now set out to investigate the value of antiques. Silver antiques to be more precise. Silver has always been a commodity that like gold form the foundation of our monetary system. Silver is a precious metal and has been mined for centuries all over the world. Sailed across the oceans and processed by craftsmen turning it into desirable objects to underline status and wealth for the rich and famous.


But as time moves on these once glorious objects mostly ended up scattered across the world, handed down through generations, ending up in a drawers or boxes in the back of an attic. Forgotten, useless and disconnected from any sentimental value. Finally to be put up on platforms like Ebay where these objects are often being sold off, even under the current silver price.

This inspired us to un-design these objects. liberating them from their obsolete function and history, returning them to raw matter and shape them into the ultimate symbol of eternity, the circle.


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Edhv, Architects
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