Edhv Eindhoven

“A close relation to nature shape the very foundation of who we are.”


As part of the Dutch Invertuals show Revaluate during the Dutch Design Week 2013 Edhv presented a conceptual project; Roots. It can be seen as an exploration in the twilight zone between the physical and the virtual that led to the concept of how objects take root: a research into the development of the fusion and the frameworks that these structures offer. New patterns, which can arise through the language of algorithms that are present in nature.


Experiments with digital root structures

Inspired by images in nature we started investigating root structures by digitally mimicking there pattern of growth. through this we got a better understanding of its dynamics and purpose. By playing with these dynamics mesmerising patterns emerged.

Experiments with three-dimensional root processing

By further investigating the patterns we managed to ad the third dimension. And what emerged was nature’s unique ability to disperse weight in order to withstand the elements. Root structures are intelligently efficient and unbelievably strong.


Experiments with organically growing patterns

As a result of our Roots project, that was shown during Salone del Mobile 2014, we created a series of prints that were later on applied on scarves. Every scarf is unique because each print is generated by a unique code. The scarves are available on Dutch Invertuals website. To visit the full gallery of all Dutch Invertuals products, please go to


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