Edhv Eindhoven

Something we can visibly see ageing

Creating an object that changes appearance over time. That was the starting point for our ‘Oxidations’ project.

During the Dutch Design Week Edhv presented the “Oxidations” project at the Dutch Invertuals. Oxidations for which we initially experimented with printing metals, salt solutions and acids on paper. This resulted in an extensive research in the process and effects of oxidation.

We decided to figure out how we could apply this to wood in order to change its appearance change over time. For this purpose we designed a simple stool that we silkscreen printed with iron and brass, and over printed it with acid.

Second run

For a second edition we did a new series of prints and updated the design of the stool. We did a series of about 20 unique A1 size posters in different metals and acids and four new patterns for the stools. The prints and stools were shown in Milan for the Dutch Invertuals show ‘Transform’ during the Salone del Mobile 2013. For this series we used brass, iron and hydrochloric acid.


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