Time Writers

“How a piece of excavated wood from a bridge traveled the world.”

These little creatures are like living sculptures. They make drawings because the wood reacts to changing temperature and humidity. This project was part of the Dutch Invertuals exhibition during the Dutch Design Week. After being underground and sealed off from air and erosion for more than six hundred years, the wood comes to life again.


As part of designers collective Dutch Invertuals, Edhv participates in the exhibition ‘Matter of time’. The exhibition is on show during the Dutch Design Week 2010. It contains new work based on medieval oak wood; wood which over 600 years ago served as the foundation for the Eindhoven city entrance. Through experiments and research, the Invertuals have translated the value and symbolism of the wood into contemporary design projects. Especially the concept of time and the characteristics of the material are used as a source of inspiration. Edhv has made a surprising new project visualising the movement of this symbolic wood.

Is it possible to visualize the identity of this symbolic wood? Can we show a glimpse of history? How can we translate this material into shape instead of shaping this material? Like mad archaeologists, Edhv set out to distillate information from this excavated oak.

As the wood shrinks and expands; the pencils attached to the wood draw lines that show the movement of this old oak.

Edhv was invited to show Time Writers at the Matter Of Time exhibition by Dutch Invertuals in Gallery S. Ben Simon in Paris, Graphic Happiness in China, and as a part of the travelling exhibition ‘Designed by Time’ that started off in New York.

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Edhv, Architects
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