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Too hot to handle too cold to hold

Every once in a while we allow ourselves to come up with a crazy concept. This time it’s a light object called Frost Light that burns on the power of melting ice.

Dutch Invertuals exhibition Power Play, addressed the subject of a society becoming self sufficient in natural energy sources. More specifically the question of what to do with the electricity that we over produce. How do we turn these excess powers into valuable products or useful objects. This made us venture into the magic world of ice. In a way ice is stored energy. This energy can be translated to electricity.

Forces of nature

By putting a block of ice on a block of solid aluminum we managed to generate enough power to make a LED light burn for about three hours. The block of ice reveals its unique beauty as it is illuminated by its own power. The process of melting becomes part of the Frost Light installation. The water drips back into a bucket that serves as the mold to a new block of ice.