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In the year 2020 the world was confronted with COVID 19. Needless to say how much the pandemic impacted many institutions. Also Dutch Invertuals was hit by the effects. All exhibitions in the making got canceled or postponed overnight. Especially in times like these, you need to stay versatile. Dutch Invertuals decided to pick up on a long-cherished idea: an Academy.

Establish an academy

The idea for an academy was born years ago, but there was never a moment to pick up on it. Now was the time. With half the world in lockdown, this seemed like the best option for keeping the creative output going. Dutch Invertuals works with a large network of well-established designers and has more than ten years of experience in the international design scene.


People from all over the world signed up and twenty students were selected for the first edition, called ‘True Matter’. After an intensive program of six weeks, the final works of participants were shipped to Eindhoven for the overview exhibition during the Dutch Design Week. But because of COVID 19, this physical exhibition was only accessible to a very limited audience.

Playful exploration

To communicate with a larger audience worldwide, we have designed an additional digital experience for the physical objects, which also served as a guide in the physical exhibition. It offered insights and background about each project. All digitally exhibited objects have been scanned in 3D and converted into interactive animations by Schimmel & Schweikle, art directed by Dutch Invertuals. In this way, visitors could playfully interact and explore the different design projects. In addition, a short but insightful documentary can be found on the website too: truematter2020.dutchinvertuals.nl.

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