Intelligent identity

HTSC BIC Eindhoven

Identity for a smart space


For this cluster, we developed a strategy and concept of a smart space and an ‘intelligent identity system’ that generates ‘bugs’ (personalised logos) based on data of how visitors use and interact with space. Together with Dutch Invertuals, we translated this Identity into a functional and dynamic interior.


As part of Brainport Development, HTSC (High Tech Software Cluster) is a coalition of over 20 software companies that mainly work for the high-tech industry. In the Brainport region, HTSC showcases their innovative power to the world. The space uses smart technologies to map and match organizations, new talent, and decision-makers in the field by interest and profession.

How do you position a coalition of companies that deal with matters so complex they can hardly explain it? You have to figure out its overarching essence. What drives them to do what they do? We had the chance to interview over 20 CEO’s in the high-tech software industry, which gave us a unique insight in an industry that usually stays secluded and obscure. What we uncovered was an evolutionary drive: ‘because it has to be possible to do it better.’ Software can be magic. And that is what the space should be about. Like magic.

At BIC, a huge warehouse-like building full of tech companies, a space was designated to become the HQ for HTSC. A hybrid space, partly office, partly auditorium, and partly demonstration room, equipped with the latest technologies. The concept of a smart space emerged from the process: a space that generates data learns from who visits it and how it is being used. With smart interfaces that hand you the relevant information and make the right connections.

This data is being used to improve the flow of information and make smart connections. Visitors for example can create their own profile: their data generates a personalized logo for them, so each visitor gets a particular specimen, based on information like profession, skills, fields of interest, education etc. These specimens can evolve along the way.

The visual of the various specimens are at the root of all identity design at the HTSC. From online communications to interior design. The data is what holds everything together. Like magic.


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Concept and spatial design for Brainport Eindhoven

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