A new approach towards materiality

ProRail Utrecht

Provoking a dialogue by making conversation pieces and asking questions

What if we only use local material? What if nature becomes signing? What if stations could adapt to their landscape? Together with Dutch Invertuals and Superuse Studios, Edhv worked on the presentation of ‘The Circular Station’. A project of ProRail, NS Stations and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, in which four promising and inspiring solutions were proposed by Bygg Architecture & Design, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Scape Agency and Welling Architects.


We developed a series of campaign images for ProRail’s Circular Station. These ‘relics’ bring together old materials from train stations and tracks to create a new configuration.


Initially it was supposed to be a pavilion, but due to Covid it became an indoor exhibition which was ultimately cancelled all together. So we turned it into a platform where researchers and designers can promote and share new solutions and inspiring ideas concerning the circularity of railway areas.

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