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Repositioning the library at the core of the city

Repositioning revolves around creating support and involving the entire organization in the process

The ongoing technological revolution is forcing libraries to adapt and reinvent themselves. Especially in a city like Eindhoven with a culture of technology and innovation as the driving force, it’s important to be on top of the game. Edhv repositioned the Eindhoven Library with a focus on people instead of books.




Public Libraries are fulfilling a fundamental role in society as it makes knowledge available to everyone. Libraries have played a significant part in all our upbringing and education, and probably everyone can remember a few moments being at the library, whether it was for browsing through books, flipping through music or attending a workshop from an expert. Libraries are places for discovery. A place to find directions on the compass of life.


But things are changing as they always do, and Public Libraries are globally reinventing themselves to adapt to the dynamics present in society. Four mayor dynamics are clearly manifesting themselves. The first observation is what is sometimes referred to as the ‘information apocalypse’; meaning the overdosis of information that is being generated and becoming accessible to everyone. Secondly there is hyperreflexia in society enabled by our mobile applications. Anyone can say anything at any moment and any place. This doesn’t make our world more connected; it makes it just more complex. The third observation is the devaluation of knowledge and truth. It is getting harder to fact check all information. Fourth observation. People are more connected through more devices and applications than ever before. This influences our social behavior and is unprecedented. There is not yet a clear moral compass nor clear idea of the consequences.



Next to desk research we interviewed several stakeholders. Prominent people in library landscape, individuals from the organization and (future) users.

We also set out to question random passersby to describe the library of their dreams. This resulted in #MijnBieb040.


With all this in mind we set out to reposition the Eindhoven Library. It is important to align the positioning with the identity of the city. As Eindhoven is a city thriving on the transforming energy of technology, design and knowledge, the library should be a place where you can give direction to this energy.


After a thorough research we narrowed down four transforming energies and thirteen building blocks, organizing a framework to restructure the organization and program. By understanding and shaping these building blocks we can achieve a better grip on the identity and communication of the Eindhoven Library.

The final repositioning document

Piloting THE CONCEpt

To try out the new positioning, a pop-up store has been set up. This field lab resulted in Expedition E in Woensel.


Expedition E in Woensel


Repositioning strategies require time and have to be implemented carefully. This process can take months or even years. A repositioning document provides guidance and grounding during this transition period.

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