Check up on culture

Waarde van Cultuur Noord-Brabant

The state of culture in the Province of North Brabant


The Province of North Brabant has a wide variety of cultural institutions that are of invaluable importance to its cultural identity. Every two years there is a thorough check-up on their numbers to get an insight into the state and health of the cultural scene. It’s quite a challenge to turn all this raw data into something readable and nice.


A delicate thing

Culture is a delicate thing. To express and underline the relevance of culture we’ve put extra emphasis on paper selection, print/binding techniques and special inks. Turning the whole thing into a delicate treasure to be cherished.

The absence of images

In these publications we have deliberately avoided including images, choosing to solely rely on type, layout, graphics and color. This way we kept it strictly functional with full emphasis on the content.

Researchers involved: Bo Broers (het PON), Rogier Brom (Boekmanstichting), Britte van Dalen (het PON), Jenneke Harings (Kunstloc Brabant), Ruben Smeets (Telos) en Henk Vinken (Pyrrhula Research Consultants).

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