Holiday industry dynamics

Droomparken The Netherlands

Rebranding Droomparken

In order to stay on top of the game, Droomparken invited us to do their strategy and rebranding. We turned it from a ‘me too’ brand to a brand with a more progressive look and feel aiming for the more critical holiday seekers out there.

Reinventing the holiday park

Holiday parks were a long-overlooked phenomenon with a dull image to it. But holiday homes have become a booming business for various reasons. It can be an interesting return on investment. And the market demand of people fleeing the over crowded cities to find some peace and quiet is high. Like the wave of trendified hotel concepts, we observe that holiday parks are also reinventing them selfs.


Building a personal and friendly icon

Iconic value

The previous identity was too much like what you would expect of a traditional family holiday park. We developed a repositioning strategy segmenting and describing five different target groups. once the strategy was done we designed a new identity with a more iconic and dynamic feel.


New products

next to redesigning their identity we were also involved in developing new products for the parks like a new holiday home, and a tiny office concept. Both concepts were showcased at the Dutch Design Week. For this, we closely worked together with Dutch Invertuals and Chris Collaris Architects. the Tiny Office concept has even been nominated for a Dezeen Design Award in 2020.


Activating the brand

By now most people may know Droomparken as a prominent shirt sponsor in the Dutch soccer league. but another nice activation campaign we did last year was Tiny Concerts. A series of very small and intimate concerts at the parks were broadcasted live online.

In 2021 Droomparken was sold and merged with other holiday parks. Making it a major player on the international market but sadly it also ended our relationship.

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