Museum Eindhoven

An exhibition on women in the interbellum

‘Haar Stad.’ An exhibition about the role of women in Eindhoven during the Interbellum. The exhibition took place at Designhuis in Eindhoven. It featured historic artifacts as well as paintings from the period.

Based on true events

Museum Eindhoven acquired the the orphaned collection of a now defunct Museum Kempenland. But since Museum Eindhoven is mostly a medieval experience park and does not have an actual museum space the collection is mostly stored in a depot. In order the make the collection available to the public a string of pop-up exhibitions was planned.

The challenge

We were invited to come up with a concept for an exhibition about the role of women in the Interbellum. Not an easy topic for a first edition but nevertheless worth a shot. Like so often budgets were limited so we had to think of a smart solution to make it all work out. The challenge was to create a modular exhibition furniture that could be easily reused and adjusted to possible other locations.

Multi layered storyline

To give this topic a more relatable narrative we worked together with a script writer. With him we created three fictional female characters that lived in Eindhoven during the Interbellum. Through these fictional characters we were able to recreate personal perspectives based on facts. Using the objects from the collection to illustrate their stories and place everything in a historical context.

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