Innovator space

SDK Vastgoed Eindhoven

Vision, strategy and identity for an urban developer

When you run with the top in the industry, you need to have your strategy on point, positioning crystal clear and your story as straight as a die. Edhv helped SDK Vastgoed to formulate a repositioning and identity that surpasses the cold bricks and square meters. Innovator at heart, with the future in mind.


A rare but truly valuable thing in our kind of business is a long-term relationship with the client. To build up mutual knowledge and trust. Only this way you can reach deeper levels of identity.

SDK Vastgoed and Edhv go way back. In 2007 we designed a ‘stand out’ corporate identity for Stam en de Koning. Shortly after a split-up took place. One part focuses on building other part focussing on real estate development. After years of growth and countless projects developed it was time to give their whole identity a thorough revamp.



For the rebranding, we first started off with a series of work sessions to get to the core of their identity and find the essence of what makes them unique. Once we processed all the input we were able to formulate their core value: ‘Creating space for tomorrow’


The abstract images inspire to give shape to the phenomenon of space


A visual culture that focuses on life



After uncovering their true core value we could start creating the identity in terms of strategy, visuals, content, colours, tone of voice and communication. We decided to stick to the logo but totally change its hierarchy, visuals and colour scheme. From now on the message is more important than the brand. The colour scheme turned out to play a vital role in changing the overall look and feel. And to emphasise on the positioning statement we created key visuals to represent the abstract of space. these elements are at the foundation of the restyled identity giving it a truly forward-thinking dynamic.

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