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Grown identity

“De Buitenwereld” is a restaurant located in an 18th century farmhouse. We wanted to create an identity that expresses it’s natural surroundings. Inspired by typefaces from the 18th century. We translated a typeface to today’s techniques. We created a typeface that could be pre-cut into paper. Then we put the paper above a bed of seeds and waited. The seeds started growing through the paper and the name of the restaurant slowly emerged. We had to build the whole setup in a photo studio to get steady artificial light because daylight is not stable and it turns night of course.

We did allot of testing before we made the final shots. It turned out to be much more complex than we thought but the result was worth it. It is fascinating to work with living matter in design. There are so many things you don’t think of. So the results are really surprising. Funny thing was that when we did the final shots the plants seemed to have a bug problem. There were little flies in the shots that we had to remove.

What we really love about this project is the fact that you can see a logo grow from invisible, to readable, to totally out of control. It’s really organic and that inspired us to do more experiments.