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February 10, 2015

Last week we went to Milan to pave the way for the new show of Dutch Invertuals. We checked out several spaces in the area as possible extra venues during the Salone de Mobile. Next to that we had various meetings with interesting  people. It’s nice to extend our network in Milan. Of course we could find some time to visit the exhibitions at La Triennale. Alway worth paying a visit. This time it had a good show on design in years of crisis.

February 9, 2015

We paid a little visit to the workshop of SIEMei at CHV Noordkade. A workshop that is run by retired works men of the former CHV company. They are applying their skills to one of our signing objects for CHV Noordkade.

February 3, 2015

Out there

Sometimes when working on projects its good to go out for inspiration. Like in this case, browsing through the woods for material. This will somehow find it’s way into one of our new projects.

February 2, 2015

DI Talks #01

Because its always useful to expand our knowledge on topics we don’t know much about Dutch Invertuals started a series of self educational lectures. the first DI Talk was about Luminescent Solar Concentrators. A material that is being researched and developed at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Coming straight from the lab it offers a range of uncharted possibilities for application in design.

February 1, 2015

Lose some weight

After years of loyal service we have decided to part with a large amount of our books and magazines. They were just sitting there on the shelves watching time fly by and collecting dust by the miles. So we donated them to the next generation to come. A post on the Design Academy student network set off a frenzy. Now we have design students dropping by to make their pick for the last couple of days. Feels good to lose some weight like that.

February 1, 2015

Vroaam lecture

BNO organises an event for young start-ups called VROAAM. This years edition took place in Utrecht. Wendy Plomp was invited to tell the story of Dutch Invertuals. How it all started and how it turned into a well known collective with a reputation for visionary works.

January 29, 2015


Our little indoor Edhv cabins finally came to reality. They are built for climate control. They are easier to keep warm when its freezing during winter and easier to cool down during the ever hotter summers. They are also modular and portable.

January 17, 2015

Last week we have been invited to a lecture dedicated to the professional practice of the designer and how a young graduates can find their way into the world of design. With guest speakers: Wendy Plomp (Curator at Dutch Invertuals), Remco van de Craats (creative director at Edhv), Floor Kuitert, (editor at FRAME magazine). ROOT Expositions in Rotterdam is aiming to provide a platform for students and alumni of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

We were being questioned about our views on the world of design, what trends we see and what type of designers are coming up in 2015, about the role young designers play in this. In a world that seems to revolve around specialization, making choices and make yourself indispensable, Edhv takes an interesting position by choosing a free approach. Something that may appeal to many students which raises the questions how they can achieve this?

January 14, 2015

Today a nice article appeared in The Guardian about the typeface for the city of Eindhoven and how type design can influence the identity of a city.

November 20, 2014

Arrived in Boston to stay in a cosy apartment in Cambridge Massachusetts for a week full of meetings, studio visits, guest lectures, exhibition opening etc. A great chance to check out the MIT and Harvard campus and see how these institutes influence their urban surroundings. Our apartment is located just yards away from Mass Ave near Porter Square. Well worth strolling down all the way to Central. Especially Harvard square is a fun place to check out.